Posted by Mark Ellis AM
Theme for June is Fellowship.

Well, here we are again in the lockdown we all predicted would happen. Janet and myself did predict this and that is why we took off along the coast east via Lakes Entrance, Merimbula, Mollymook to Kiama and home. Highly recommend the southeast coast of our great land. No better excuse now not to go local and help our country folk. Unfortunately, we had heavy rain along the Victorian coast, but it was thought provoking to see the scorched earth where, our fellow Victorians suffered and the feeling of pride, that Glenferrie Rotary had assisted their plight.  

Thanks to all who attended the District Assembly (DA) and I appreciate Geoff and Isiah getting up to tell us of their experiences at the DA. Public speaking is not easy and I was really happy with all our directors not shying away from the limelight at our Forum Night.

The last month of the Rotary year has “Fellowship” as it's theme.  A friend pulled me up one time saying that this word was a strange word to use.  It flows off a Rotarian’s tongue loosely and very well as if we are mesmerized by the word. 

Let’s look at the definition of Fellowship – a friendly association, especially with people who share one's interests.” Or “a friendly feeling that exists between people who have a shared interest or are doing something as a group”.  Wow, that is Rotary to a tee.

The week that was and coming up.  Our last Board meeting for this year looks like another zoom on June 1st.  Naturally, there will be news to dispatch.

Centenary Rotary 100 Year Project.  

We now have dates set for some of these activities,

  1.  The Opening Ceremony for the playground   – August 8th.
  2.  The Business Breakfast – Sept sometime yet to be decided 
  3.   End Polio Walk – Cheryl Pisterman – Oct - sometime yet to be decided

Richard Blakeman is valiantly trying to tie it all together and will need your help.  So please watch out for news in the coming Bulletins.

Membership – We have 6 potential new members thanks to the tireless work of Elizabeth and her team.  I am truly amazed at Elizabeth’s work.  Her approach to attract members should be studied since I was a sceptic as well.

Community – Chris Raw gave a good update on it's work.  The Community Service division needs to be congratulated on all of it's programs.  Salvation Bread Run, Clean Up Australia, Pinchapoo, Upton House grants, Worrawa and the Parkinson’s walk – all difficult this year but we are achieving a difference in our community.  Alex Marshall takes over as Director in July so the tradition of excellence will continue.

District Governor visit – Our DG Philip Archer will be coming to address our club in the general meeting on June 8th.  Philip is an engaging character who has had a tough year, but has managed to achieve so much with behind the scenes work.

Changeover – Mark down the Changeover date June 22nd at Kooyong at the usual 6.30 for 7.00 pm.  Please mark in your diaries.  Invitations have been sent out.  i am hoping see many of you front up, please.


President Mark