Posted by Mark Ellis AM
Theme for May is Youth Service.
I often joke that “Youth is wasted on the Youth”.  Wouldn’t you just love to go back in time and change some of the things that you did or didn’t do? That is because we have the “wisdom of age”. Sometimes in hindsight, we would choose to do things better.  Well, that is where we can help our youth with our “wisdom and experience”. “Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing”.  Quoting from that famous theologian, Albert Schweitzer.  
One of Rotary’s key area of focus is Youth and we have a proud history of having a very involved commitment to Youth. COVID lockdown has made it a difficult year but I hope for good opportunities to assist our youth in the coming year.
The week that was and coming up;
The Board met on the Tuesday night May 4th.  There were a surprising number of issues to ponder.  Good example of how Rotary never stands still.  
Foundation Rotary 100 Year Project.  This project is creeping up on us and needs our attention.  We have streamed lined the activities to 3 major engagements and volunteers to these sub committees are;
  1. The Opening Ceremony – Richard Blakeman, Thelma Hutchison and Don Heath
  2. The Business Breakfast - Gary Stoneham and Teresa Liu
  3. End Polio Walk – Cheryl Pisterman
Richard Blakeman is valiantly trying to tie it all together and will need your help.  So please watch out for news in the coming Bulletins.
Membership – We have 3 potential new members thanks to the tireless work of Elizabeth and her team.  Emails will be out soon alerting members.
Treasurer – The budget looks healthy and the new fees for the next year were set.  Our fees are still very competitive when compared to other clubs.  Thanks to all working at the Farmer’s Market which assists our budget.  Also, working on a “eWay” system for booking via Clubrunner.  Details later but still booking via Humanitix for the time being.  On that note, please take some time to look at the volunteer roster and help prevent the Hogans from getting stomach ulcers by trying to fill all the spots.
New Club Director – As the year is coming to an end, there are some minor changes to the new line up for 2021-2.  John Hudson is stepping down and an example of “youth” coming in is Rob Smith as the new Club Director.  Since the new booking system, Rod has had no job and he was a key figure in ensuring the meetings were well attended, so I am really happy to have him on board.  Thanks John so much for him helping me out this year.
District Governor visit – Our DG Philip Archer will be coming to address our club in the general meeting on June 8th.  Philip is an engaging character who has had a tough year but has managed to achieve so much with behind the scenes work.
Youth Address – Prahran Rotary has Les Twentyman OAM speaking about risk youth and support services.  To be held on May 18th.  $25 per head.  Matt Fitton, our current Youth Director, has the details.
District Assembly - Is to be held on 22 May on the usual Zoom virtual platform.  Pity in a way since I have always enjoyed the networking.  All members should make an effort to attend and learn of the vast world of Rotary in the comfort of your pyjamas!!
Well – I am off for a 2 week road trip today.  There will be no musings over that time unless someone takes on the task of “amusing” people every week.  I now have a lot of respect for the religious, who have to come up with a sermon every week.  Maybe I will have some inspiration along the way?  See you all at the May 25th meeting.  I am sure the club is in good hands while I am away.
President Mark