Posted by Mark Ellis AM
Maternal and Child Health Month and also the “Centenary of Rotary in Australia.”
In the early 90s I had dragged my young family to live in Glasgow, Scotland, as I was one of 5 Senior Ophthalmic Registrars basically running eye health in the NHS, under 16 Ophthalmic specialists in various clinics within Greater Glasgow. The Scots were very hospitable and friendly, the opposite of their weather. One of my fond memories was that to warn a patient that you were going to give them an anaesthetic was “just giving you a whee jag and a freeze”.  Well, our version of a “Jag - Jab” seems to be the new buzz word for COVID behaviour, where you are nearly a status symbol if you happen to be lucky enough to get the “Jab” or first vaccine injection.
The out of lockdown has been like a jab or shot in the arm for our club, since I find Glenferrie Rotary Club buzzing with energy.  Our meetings are well attended, our Farmer’s Markets are building up and we are having renewed interest from prospective future members.  Also, don’t forget that Australian Rotary is 100 years old this month!
Our renewed energy is reflected in the various issues coming up to the Board, which met last Tuesday night on zoom. Yes – Zoom is still proving useful if not “anti social”.
Board Meeting issues and decisions
Foundation Rotary 100 Year Project.  To fully engage with this project, we have streamed lined the activities to 3 major engagements.  Volunteers to these sub committees are;
  1. The Opening Ceremony – Richard Blakeman, Thelma Hutchison and Don Heath.
  2. The Business Breakfast - Gary Stoneham and Teresa Liu
  3. End Polio Walk – Cheryl Pisterman
We cannot let these volunteers work on their own.  We will need hands on and “bums on seats” when the time comes.  Please watch out for news in the coming Bulletins.
Upton House Recreational Equipment Project - The Board approved $2,000 from community to go towards this joint project with Hawthorn Rotary club.
To quote Chris Raw  “Upton House is the adult psychiatric inpatient unit located at Eastern 2 Health’s Box Hill Hospital.  The unit has 25 beds, divided between an Intensive Care Area and the Low Dependence Unit.  The current exercise equipment is in very poor shape and in some cases has been removed.  The staff have advised us that by having activities to do, this aids the patient’s recovery.  As a public hospital there is just not the funding for these items. The request is to provide the ward with the following recreational items. -a guitar -a table tennis table -a tread mill (commercial grade), -exercise bike (commercial grade) - a pool table (3/4 size).”  
Thanks to Hawthorn for asking us to join them in this endeavour for a District Grant for this project.
Boroondara Cares - The Board was informed that the forthcoming restructure of the Boroondara Cares Foundation (BCF) no longer necessitates that the board members will be from one of the Rotary clubs in the City of Boroondara.  The organisation will be seeking donations outside of Rotary.  One can still be involved but it is not as a Rotarian and the clubs are still encouraged to donate towards the Chances program in particular.  
Changeover – I cannot believe that the year is nearly up and we have a major fellowship event coming up soon with the Changeover June 22nd at Kooyong.  I would encourage all members to attend, please.  I wish to make it not weighed down with too many speeches, although there is a lot to crow about our deeds in such a terrible year.  I do promise to dress properly this time since I will be able to conduct a changeover to myself.  Interesting concept – so come and see.  I am so happy that the Board mostly will be unchanged and we can then enter the new Rotary Year with enthusiasm, direction and conviction.
President Mark