Posted by Mark Ellis AM
We will remember for ever this year and what the feeling of a “lockdown” means.  It was the year of funny slogans like - 

“A mask is better than a ventilator
Home is better than ICU
Prevention is better than cure
It’s not CURFEW
It’s Care For U”

That did catch my eye on Facebook.  I will also look at doughnuts in a completely new way.  Even in photos, I keep the mask on since it will be easier to identify when that photo was taken!!  Although we don’t have to wear masks outside, when we meet to celebrate Christmas in the park, photos with our masks on will be a bittersweet reunion and a remembrance of the year that was!  

A busy week was had as Melbourne gets back to a resemblance of its former self.  However, in our Rotary lives, we are still communicating over electronic media to maintain the health and vibrance of our club.  So, what have we been up to this week?

  1. Annual General Meeting – Held last Tuesday on zoom.  Thanks for all turning up to make a quorum.  To me it seems a bit funny to celebrate the great achievements of a successful year 6 months later!  Thelma gave a good rendition to her term of office.  Carol presented the Treasurer’s report.  The new committee for 2021-2 was declared, including Mark Ellis as President Elect.  It will be interesting to be the President in a seemingly “normal” year and I thank the present committee for staying on.  We definitely will have more comradeship and fun in a more personable way next year.
  2. General Meeting – Thanks to Matt Fitton for his terrific talk on his life.  Just have to say that once again, I am totally knocked over by the varied careers of our members.  Everyone is different and in Matt’s case the way he came to his present career via a varied pathway – you just couldn’t write a book about it.
  3. Australia Day Rotary Celebrations – The Super Cluster has received the $20,000 grant from the Australia Day Council to run an event.  There was an issue of where to conduct this event.  It looks certain to have it staged in Victoria Park – hot off the press.  We will need volunteers on the day, so please watch those emails.
  4. Farmer’s market – Dec 19th.  Please come.  I am after a willing Rotarian(s) to run the sausage sizzle, please?  Since the announcement on the Tuesday meeting, everyone seems to have left their mute button on!!
  5. Christmas Get Together – Please see the advertisement in the bulletin.  I have been waiting to see what Dan will allow, but it is apparent that we can meet in greater numbers in the open.  On Tuesday night Dec 15th as a low key event, I am proposing we have a picnic in the Yarra Park Reserve, where we are planning the 100 year Rotary Project.  If we can all bring a picnic complete with food, beverages of various kinds and chairs.  There are BBQs there to cook if you wish.  This event will only work if you all turn up even for an hour or so.  I will have to come from work so I would appreciate if people that get there early could secure the BBQ and tables.
Not being lost for words, I kind of liked how I described Matt’s life as taking risks.  You have all taken a risk and opened your hearts to be a Rotarian.  This is a good risk, which has benefits for your mental wellbeing.  In pledging and joining our club to help the community unselfishly should give you a 100 fold return on your investment  - as long as you participate.
President Mark