Posted by Mark Ellis AM
Lockdown definition - a state of isolation or restricted access instituted as a security measure.  Well, we all have felt the effects of this lockdown and understand the stresses it causes.  We have been prisoners within our state.  So glad the lockdown seems to be coming to an end.  I can understand a slow process of recovery since, we couldn’t go through a 3rd wave.  However, it is satisfying to witness a return to something like normal.  Also, the underemployed and financially stressed people can get back to earning a living and paying the mounting bills.

Our club has endured well and one day it will meet again as one in fellowship.  It still looks like next year before meetings resume at Kooyong Tennis Club.  Our zoom meetings continue to inform and entertain our members thanks to the great work of David Fallick and his connections.  On Nov 10, at our last meeting we heard from Dean Lee, CEO of the Shrine of Remembrance.  The day prior was the Board Meeting.  Not much to convey.  Below, I will outline some issues.

  1. Australia Day Celebrations -   It has become clearer to me what is wanted here.  We can be part of a Rotary Network celebration of Australia Day Jan 26, 2021.  We have been given the opportunity to bring our Rotary Network together…our community partners, first responders, business and government friends, and most importantly, our community…to celebrate all that is Australian.  The theme for Australia Day this year is: Reflect, Respect, Celebrate. We’re all part of the story.  For 100 years Rotary in Australia has been bringing communities together.  There will be 2 parts to the celebrations on the day.  Part 1 will be centrally managed.  Part 2 onwards will be a Cluster based event.  We have been joined into a Super Cluster with Riverside (Hawthorn, Kew, Glenferrie) and Eastside (Balwyn, Camberwell, Canterbury and North Balwyn).  It has to be a COVID safe environment and the plan is an event which will take place in Victoria Park (450 High Street, Kew).  A lot of preparation has been put in place and a $20,000 grant to run the event, has been given by the National Australia Day Council to conduct this “celebration”. 

    Our club needs to appoint a National Australia Day Representative from our club to liaise with the 7 clubs to form and manage a celebration of some sort as to be determined by the clubs.  At present it looks like a fete, BBQ, food stalls etc. This is a really good and short commitment.  Everyone at the Strategic Action Meeting keep talking about involvement. WELL - here is a good example of working with other clubs and being more involved in the Rotary Spirit.

  2. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Chair - No doubt everyone reads my musings, but there has been no volunteer to follow up this chair.  Another example of a simple way to be involved in the Rotary Spirit.
  3. Youth Director – I was anticipating a “rush” for this vital role in our club.  Please consider or I will be tapping you all on the shoulder next year.  A great thanks for all the other directors who have assented to another year as also I have myself.
Okay – Help me out and consider these positions, please.  With full time work (and now getting very busy) I would appreciate not having to chase people to volunteer, especially when everyone complains of lack of hands on volunteering.
Obviously – the isolation is making me grumpy!!  Keep well, wear a mask and keep your personal distance (but not to stop you getting in touch with me).
President Mark