Posted by Mark Ellis AM
Well it is on again the annual clash of teams – this time a “catfight” between domestic and nondomestic type felines, but importantly and proudly Victorian!  At the timing of writing this article, the game has yet to be on.  However, another big event for a Glenferrie Rotarian is a big celebration for our club’s 45th Anniversary on Oct 22th last Thursday.  From outside the club, there has been a barrage of congratulatory emails from local and overseas clubs.
The Rotary Club of Glenferrie was granted a charter on 22 October 1975. The Club’s first formal meeting took place a month later in the Hawthorn Town Hall, with 30 people inducted into membership.  We are so lucky to still have two Charter members remaining Don Moore and Ian Dobson and who are still active members. 
The “older” members must be proud to look back and see that their collaboration has achieved with a very active (albeit isolated) club in our present days.  They all have been leaders of our club at some time in the past.  A leader is best when people barely know he exists…when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will all say: We did it ourselves.”  To quote Lao-Tzu an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer. 
A good example is the recent “Lift the Lid” fund raiser held via zoom on Tuesday night.  “Lift the Lid on Mental Illness” is Australian Rotary Health’s National annual fundraising day for mental health research.  Since 2000, mental illness has been a main focus for support by Australian Rotary Health.  This event has now been extended to all Rotary Clubs across Australia.  Wearing an interesting hat as a fundraiser is the idea of “lifting the lid”.  Our resourceful member, Elizabeth Dumonic came up with a suggestion of selfies and publishing them with a donation of $5.00 each.  The response particularly from the Chinese Professional Club was huge.  There were up to 100 selfies with very generous donations poured into the organiser's laps.  We were well informed by our member Mithzay Poments, who is a clinical sociologist and registered counsellor, who was able to explain clearly the issues.  As usual, I am amazed at the wealth of expertise within our club.  There is a report in the Bulletin to read.
What else round the club?
General meeting – Tuesday 27th October – Come and listen to how the aftermath of the bushfires is proceeding.  Bernie Farquhar is Past President of the Rotary Club of Mitchell River in Bairnsdale and was the key contact for the Rotary Club of Glenferrie in setting up the club's project in Sarsfield in early 2020.  Bernie will bring the club up to date on how things are progressing in the areas affected by last summer's devastating bushfires.
Annual General Meeting – Tuesday 24thNovemeber.  Agenda etc to be circulated soon.

Farmer’s Market – A slow start and the weather wasn’t great.  All looked good on the day.  Personally, I really enjoyed being there with the physical catching up which has been denied us for many months.  Hardly recognized some members – many of whom looked like masked shaggy dogs!!  Please come and say hello at Saturday week’s market on 31st October
Christmas in the Park – Depending on separation rules for lockdown, I would hope to have some type of Christmas get together for the club.  Please mark down Tuesday Dec 15th for this opportunity.  The last proper general meeting will be via zoom on Dec 8th and hence the following Tuesday can be set aside.  Not long off so worth planning.
Watching the figures go down has been a regular affair with similar conations to watching the tattslotto numbers come in.  Funny enough neither suit my impatience.  A surgical approach of going in and cutting it out is hardly suitable for this crisis.  We can plan for the future, but I feel this will be part of our lifestyle for many months to come, even if retail gets back to full swing.  We should all be on the lookout for people in distress as the months roll along.