Posted by Mark Ellis AM
Last Tuesday was a chance to learn about “Chances”, which our club has strongly supported. The scholarship program is designed to assist disadvantaged students continue their studies. So good of Helen Worladge OAM and the Rev Jeff Lampard to give of their time to update us. Now when you are volunteering for the Farmer’s Market, you can feel a warm glow that not only are you contributing to our coffers to enable our club to run Community and International programs but, also the Chances Program.
So please remember to sign up for the Farmer’s Market. Also, for the Salvo’s Bread Run of a Thursday at 6.00 pm and the Parkinson’s walk BBQ stall - March 27th.
There have been requests for new RC Glenferrie rugby and polo tops. A conservative look is more desired. I will send out an email soon. Ian Dobson will be at tomorrow night’s meeting at 6.00 pm with tops to try on for fitting. He will have an order form there as well. Not sure about prices or availability. Ian will enlighten us.
Terrace Party – Our next big social event coming is the Terrace BBQ on March 29th. Outside so COVID friendly. Always well attended. We will need to know numbers intending to come a couple of weeks prior. There will be fewer speeches and just fellowship galore.
District Conference – Albury 22 to 24th April. Please consider coming especially all the new members, since this is best way to gain insight into the immense exciting world of Rotary. Please let us know if coming so we can include you in our Friday night club dinner. We will be publicizing the “Lift the Lid” golf event at the conference and our distinguished Richard Blakeman is a speaker. Many reasons for considering the journey.
Lift the Lid Golf even May 24th – Don Moore, a dedicated golfer, deserves special mention in this committee. I asked him to share his expertise in golf events to help shape the LTLid golf day. I appreciate that many Rotarians are going out of their way to make this day a success. Service above self is being demonstrated by many of our club members. The night now is an official Rotary night so there is a dinner to socially attend if not golfing.  
Changeover Date – Our Changeover is June 14th. Please place this date in your diaries for the big social event on our calendar.
Afghan Music Event – The Board voted in principle to support this venture. Thanks to David Fallick and Carol Benson for sharing the role in organising this event. It is earmarked for Aug 26th to coincide with the anniversary of the Kabul evacuation.  
An inspiring idea from Audrey Hepburn to contemplate when we look at a new project -Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm possible!”
Enjoy another week of Rotary.
President Mark