Posted by Mark Ellis AM
I had great pleasure to induct Joanne Shentu and Meera Ramachandran into our Rotary Club Of Glenferrie Family on last Tuesday night. The occasion was probably even more momentous as it was International Women’s Day, and our club is slowly climbing to a healthy proportion of women in our ranks. My greatest worry is that we must actively get all new members involved in projects. So, I am excited that Amelia Anderson has agreed to join the committee for the Afghan music night. I want to encourage all newcomers to get out of their comfort zones and join in the committees. Events are evolving as we come out of the cloud of COVID isolations. One thing I learnt in life is that you cannot stand back and wait to be invited. You will always be a wall flower. So be bold and approach the directors saying, “I want to be involved”.
The women members and guests at the meeting on March 8th were led in a toast to International Women's Day 2022 by club director Elizabeth Dumonic (far right). The assembly demonstrated not only the strength of the club's female membership, but the valuable community contribution of women through Rotary, and the important leadership roles that women take in modern Rotary. Here's cheers everyone!
I note that there are still spots to be involved with the Parkinson’s walk BBQ roster for March 27th. Thanks to Mike Berry for organising this. I have had so much fun working within our club on this event. Please sign up. Especially all new members and start your process of involvement. Don’t be shy since Rotary involvement will give you the confidence to work and exist in our world working amongst co-club workers. A simple way of being involved with little commitment. The only main issue is – Do you put the onions in first and then the sausage as Bunnings has decreed. Hard Decisions can be overcome – come and see how we deal with this major (minor) dilemma!!
Parkinson’s Disease is a terrible disease of the nervous system, where it affects the motor functions, but not the brain till later. So, these poor inflicted individuals are aware of their inability to perform, but cannot do a thing about it. I always remember encountering Terry Rolleston, one of our most decorated members, being stuck in the rain immobile as I ran into Kooyong TC entrance. Ian Salek and I had to physically carry him in out of the rain. 
I also note that there are no signed up volunteers for the Salvo’s bread run in April apart from myself. An easy way to give to the community so please sign up. It is so easy and fulfilling, since your simple easy commitment will assist the Salvation Army in feeding the poverty stricken. What Rotary is about!!
The major issues otherwise are the golf day and the Afghan music event. Other issues are outlined below. There have been requests for new RC Glenferrie rugby and polo tops. A conservative look is more desired. I will send out an email soon.  Ian Dobson feels there will be little trouble in organising a rugby top, but the polos may be difficult.
Terrace Party – We are on March 29th having our annual BBQ on the terrace. Outside so COVID friendly. Lynette Spencer is in organising mode and we will need to know numbers intending to come a couple of weeks prior.
Changeover Date – Our Changeover is June 14th.  Please place this date in your diaries for the big social event on our calendar.
Afghan Music Event – Thanks to David Fallick and Carol Benson for sharing the role in organising this event.  We are still after members to take the challenge to run this event. These shows will be an opportunity to welcome the over 4000 people recently evacuated to Australia from Afghanistan, and to recognize the efforts of Australian Defence Force members and public servants who helped get them out. It is earmarked for Aug 26th to coincide with the anniversary of the Kabul evacuation.  
District Conference – Albury 22 to 24th April.  Please consider coming especially all the new members, since this is best way to gain insight into the immense exciting world of Rotary. On the Friday night we have booked a Thai restaurant for the club in the main street, so please let us know who is coming so we can share the details. I love Thai so I will be in my element and 2 blocks to walk home!!!!  I was in Albury in May last year and I was really impressed with the lovely surroundings. I also checked out this restaurant as was recommended but it was booked out at 0600 pm!! Teressa has been there has assured me it is great. We will be publicizing the “Lift the Lid” golf event at the conference and our distinguished Richard Blakeman is a speaker. Many reasons for considering the journey.
Lift the Lid Golf even May 24th – With a new committee having Thelma and Richard in the lead, this has to add such a success with solid accounting leadership. The information night, where I had given Elizbeth the 20 minute speaker’s session was not wasted and we had good information especially about how expensive it is to play on a world standard golf course. This should counteract some of the negativity of this event. Even an extremely high handicapped golfer, as is myself, has a chance to excel. My son in law’s firm (Collective Capital) has already bought tickets and since he hits off at 12 – I think I have a chance in his team to hold my head up!!!! Come and see if I am right!! The night now is an official Rotary night so there is a dinner to socially attend if not golfing. I can already feel the leather of the Mercedes that I intend to win.
I like to finish with a quote from that so famous man Nelson Mandela, who has my respect, but he has had to develop great attitude for forgiveness and oneness – “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”  That should summarise our main events coming up.
President Mark