Posted by Mark Ellis AM
“The most powerful force on earth is the human soul on fire”.  Ferdinand Foch
There is nothing like drive and determination so Elizabeth Dumonic should be thanked for her persistence in getting this Lift the Lid Golf day concept off the ground, and her task force (Thelma Hutchison, Richard Blakeman, Don Moore, Rob Hogan, Don Heath and Tim Gale) for implementing one of the best fundraisers our club has done for many years. It was a beautiful day as well. This is the first Rotary event at Kingston Health Golf Club.  A reminder at how progressive our club and members are in promotion of our charities.  
When Elizabeth was met with much criticism of her original proposal, I suggested to her “to prove the critics wrong” and together with her task force, a successful fund raiser for Australian Rotary Health has been achieved. Congratulations to the team and all who participated even in a small way to make this day happen. A special thanks to Thelma Hutchison who took over as Chairperson of the task force and really made the event happen. I believe there were numerous meetings and discussions involved. This is a good example of how Rotarians can combine their talents and work together to achieve a goal – i.e., the Power Of Rotary. Thanks to those who came to support the night by coming to the dinner. A bit more upmarket than the BBQ I thought was going to occur.
Last Saturday was the District Assembly on Zoom. A small group attended at the President’s house. Thanks to Amelia, Joanne, Thelma, Mark Howlett and Charles for coming.  We noted Teresa was online.  Also, Richard and our AG Lilli Teichman were speakers. There was a lot to digest with proposed changes in Rotary’s District plans. Many thanks to Mark’s wife Janet for allowing a crowd to participate. It was a good morale booster and a way of getting new members to be involved.  
New members. Tomorrow our second family Dr Weranja Ranasinghe and Mahroo Parsi will come into our club. It would be great to have a good attendance to welcome them.
District Changeover has been set for 25th June. It would be nice to have a team going to represent our club. It is a good introduction for newcomers to see the Rotary Machine in action. Bookings via Humanitix. See the Bulletin for details.
Changeover Date – Our Changeover is June 14th. Please place this date in your diaries for the big social event on our calendar. Many have booked already. This is a function not to miss. Already the Mayor Jane Addis, local politicians and Boroondara Councillors have accepted to come. We just need YOU to book. 
Camberwell Art Show – This year is to be held at the Advanced Technology Centre of Swinburne University. The RC of Camberwell had proposed a Cluster event on Monday June 27th from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm. However, there are too many clashes with changeovers so we will have a club event there. The decision is now whether it is a Monday or Tuesday.
Entry fee is $15, and wine and cheese are provided. It has been suggested that we could then meet at a local restaurant afterwards. The Board has decided that this should be supported instead of our last meeting for this Rotary Year on the 28th ofJune at Kooyong. Please await details, we might hold our meeting there on the Tuesday. Hold off booking until our club has a clearer idea. To purchase Tickets to either Event, please go to the Camberwell Art Show website, select the Tickets tab and click on the required Ticket link.
Our 50th year celebrations.  In 2025, our club will be celebrating 50 years. We need to think about how we will approach the celebrations. Unofficially, Charles Tran and I are starting to think about how we should tackle this year. We still have 2 original chartered members – Don Moore and Ian Dobson to draw upon their experiences.
Enjoy the week.

President Mark