Posted by Mark Ellis AM
Our founder Paul Harris is quoted as saying “Rotarians are very much more favourably disposed toward action than they are toward words.”  However, he did see the value of clubs meeting in fellowship on a regular basis (originally it was expected to have a 100% attendance).  
Coming to the meetings aids you to get to know your other members, there is a better chance of forming a basis to imagine and implement a new project or to gain knowledge to participate in an already active project.
It has become necessary now that we are out of the COVID isolation that our club needs to reflect on getting back to the regular way our club is conducted. I note that many, particularly new members, are not turning up to the General Meetings. Our Club Constitution requires a minimum 50% attendance rate.  
I would like to draw all member’s individual attention to the Rotary Constitution especially Article 10 Attendance, Section 1 –General Provisions. “Each member should attend this club's regular meetings or its satellite club’s regular meetings and engage in this club’s service projects, events and other activities. A member shall be counted as attending a regular meeting if the member…….”  This describes then on the attendance listed for volunteering on the Farmer’s Market roster, Salvo Bread run, RORC, RIMEN and the various other activities. The Board is looking at these requirements and how individual members are performing.
Also, A member shall be counted as attending a regular meeting if the member: (a) is present in person, by telephone, or online for at least 60 percent of the meeting .......
This can be viewed on the District Website, which is accessible from our homepage on our website. The new members need to be encouraged to participate in what is the basic requirement of being a Rotarian. Would all mentors keep this in mind when mentoring your charges, please?  Also, there is a description of the various roles assigned to members for the successful conduct of a club meeting. This is especially for the members assigned to set up and put away the paraphernalia. Our new system has been made easier with the prepay system and we still must give Kooyong TC staff a list and numbers. There are still duties for the Chairperson and axillary roles.

Another recurring issue is that all members need to book via ClubRunner and prepay prior to the night. Club Service Director Rod Smith must let the staff at Kooyong TC how many meals to prepare so it is unfair for people to decide at the last moment to turn up. Luckily, most people are not making a habit of this. Also, it would be great if Rod receives apologies if not coming to the meeting. This is polite and advantageous for us to plan the General Meetings.
New members – Thanks to the efforts of the membership committee, I hope to be inducting Wendy Cross tomorrow and our second family Dr Weranja Ranasinghe and Mahroo Parsi into our fold in a fortnight’s time.
Lift the Lid golf day – This is the next major event for the club.  It will be a great event for our club, which will have its meeting as a social event at the BBQ at Kingston Heath. You can book in to not miss being involved. There is a raffle with amazingly sourced prizes by Elizabeth, which will be drawn at the changeover June 14th.
District Assembly – May 28th on Zoom 9.00 AM – 12.00 PM.  This president is having the telecast at his residence. Suggested that this would be a good morale booster and a way of getting new members to be involved. Please mark in your diaries. Details closer to the event. Please note the change of date since the original date was on election day May 21st.
Changeover Date – Our Changeover is June 14th.  Please place this date in your diaries for the big social event on our calendar. The flyer went out last week. I would appreciate people booking soon and not just a last minute thing.
Camberwell Art Show – This year is to be held at the Advanced Technology Centre of Swinburne University. The RC of Camberwell is proposing a Super Cluster event on Monday June 27th from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm. Entry fee is $15, and wine and cheese are provided. It has been suggested that we could then meet at a local restaurant afterwards. The Board thought that this should be supported, instead of our last meeting for this Rotary Year on the 28th of June at Kooyong. More details later. If someone has a good idea on a nearby dinner place to congregate, I would appreciate knowing about it.
A take home message again from our founder “Whatever Rotary may mean to us, to the world it will be known by the results it achieves.”
Enjoy another week of Rotary.  See you ALL tomorrow night – prepaid especially :-)
President Mark