Posted by Mark Ellis AM
The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy Martin Luther King Jr.
So, an uncomfortable situation unfolds – 
Email – Definition - Messages distributed by electronic means from one computer user to one or more recipients via a network. I have always thought that they are a great way for communication especially for me – not retired and trying to run a club mainly after hours. I like how there is great inclusiveness with the use of emails, and everyone is informed and up to date.
When I was Chairman and Secretary of the Victoria Branch of RANZCO (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists), I was taught that it also was good to spread the message around so there were no excuse not knowing or not acting a preferred way.
Further, when I was President of the Genazzano Fathers’ Association, an email was a great way to include Fathers who were time poor, but wanted to be involved in the various charity BBQs and fund raisers. In fact, emails can be a lifeline and get work done much faster than the old message board on the wall, or a phone call to a single person.  
Currently as Director of the Sumba Eye Program and on the Board of Directors for FORESIGHT, email chains have proven to be an efficient way of updating and conveying information in and out of the COVID isolation periods. I regularly keep in touch with the Makassar Doctors and my Eye Care Nurses whom we sponsor.
As the complaintive said – “One email can go out to 80!!” So now we have a complaint that there are too many irrelevant emails being received by this member, who maintains that he is not alone. Every club member has a right to complain, and this will be taken seriously at the Board level as requested.However, to efficiently lead the club I have relied immensely on emails but taking the point there must be some guidance and leadership to the members.

Thanks to Richard Blakeman for going through various issues with Club Runner including how to book on Rosters or for events. This was in response to a member’s request of difficulty booking a guest. A good example of how we are listening to our members. 
Today is ANZAC day – I asked David Fallick to come up with a speaker to mark the occasion. We are indeed grateful to have Sue Burgess, The Director of Public Programs for the Shrine of Remembrance address us on Tuesday night. Please support our efforts to remember our fallen.  
My Great Uncle Jack Lyons was awarded the Military Cross and here is a famous photo of him just prior to his death. Far right with the periscope.  

My other granduncle and underage bugler is buried at ANZAC cove – I have been there to his grave – Another story.
District Conference – Albury 22 to 24th April. I am penning these musings prior to the conference this weekend. There are members able to make it and we look forward to a rewarding weekend.  
Lift the Lid golf day – This is the next major event for the club. I am told all tickets to play are sold out. It must be a great relief to Elizabeth Dumonic and her task force of Richard Blakeman, Thelma Hutchison, Don Heath, Don Moore, Robert Hogan, Tim Gale and PE Teresa Liu that the day can be more of a success with a good turnout. Our club night is to be a BBQ on the day at Kingston Heath and you can book in to not miss being involved. There is a raffle with terrifically sourced prizes by Elizabeth, which will be drawn at the changeover June 14th.
Changeover Date – Our Changeover is June 14th.  Please place this date in your diaries for the big social event on our calendar. Tickets will be out soon.
Camberwell Art Show – This year is to be held at the Advanced Technology Centre of Swinburne University. The RC of Camberwell is proposing a Super Cluster event on Monday June 27th from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm. Entry fee is $15, and wine and cheese are provided. It has been suggested that we could then meet at a local restaurant after. The Board thought that this should be supported instead of our last meeting for this Rotary Year on the 28th of June at Kooyong.  More details later.
Enjoy another week of Rotary.

President Mark