Posted by Mark Ellis AM
Maternal and Child Health Month and also the “Centenary of Rotary in Australia.”
March was so full of activity with getting back to normal after the lockdown.  Now we are entering autumn and the absence of Day light savings.
Importantly for April - It was a pair of Canadian Rotarians from Halifax and Calgary, who got the ball rolling for Rotary in Australia and New Zealand.  The first meeting for Rotary in Australia was the Rotary Club of Melbourne, held on April 21, 1921.  With COVID, many plans were spoiled to celebrate this but don’t forget that our club has a very worthwhile project with the establishment of special architecturally designed playground sculpture, in conjunction with other clubs within our “Super cluster”.
Foundation Rotary 100 Year Project
The opening date is getting closer and we all have to plan to assist this project.  Richard Blakeman, Thelma Hutchison and Don Moore have all contributed greatly over the past year to achieve what we have so far, working closely with the Boroondara Council.  Now our club needs to look at sub committees for
  1. The Opening Ceremony
  2. The Business Breakfast
  3. End Polio Walk
It would be ideal to engage our club in projects stemming from our commitment to build the playground as the 100 Year centennial project with our Super cluster clubs.
What other newsworthy items?
Salvo Bread Run
Communications from Norman Gale the Salvation Army Officer.
He indicates that we need to focus on bringing loaves of bread and not the buns or bread sticks.  “I would suggest that your team focus on filling up bags with loaves even if that only means 3-4 bags, and then fill up the last bag with an assortment of other things - which at this time of year may include hot cross buns or coffee scrolls, apple rolls or other types of pastries. In the past we have found that some of the pastries that are already packaged in their own plastic bags have been well received.”  
Also, remember the need to take along bin liners to transport the bread.
Aussie Quiz Night – On March 29th, thanks to Ian Salek, we had the Aussie Quiz night.  Well received and a few quests and partners were present as well. My great thanks to Ian who is always ready to help out and he didn’t let the club down with a great night’s entertainment.
Board Meeting - Is scheduled for April 6th.  So next week may have more to write about.
Please remember to book ahead on Try Bookings.
See you all for our Guest Speaker night April 13th.