Posted by Mark Howlett

Welcome back after a week off Rotary and our long long weekend.

Just a few days ago, a group of members met to discuss the public image and promotion of the club, with the objective of sharing our success stories with the community, highlighting the benefits of being a rotary member, and to support the market. The discussions touched on our social media presence, the bulletin, radio etc.

There is already a lot of activity in this area and we are working on any areas for improvement. In particular we will shortly produce Glenferrie Rotary exchange banners. These are particularly popular when visiting overseas rotary clubs (I have been asked to bring many for my India trip). Members will be able to buy these shortly (with more details to follow). Additionally, we will soon print Glenferrie Rotary business cards. These will incorporate a QR code to connect to our website, and members will be given a number to share with friends and interested parties. More details to follow soon.

It would be very helpful if we could identify any members willing and able to help with our social media.

Could I also recommend to members to attend the Education Chances end of year celebration, details of which have been emailed. It is a very worthy cause and one which our club contributes to significantly, via the Boroondara Farmers Market revenue. Additionally, the event will farewell and celebrate the contribution of our own (sort of!) Helen Worladge OAM.

President Mark