Posted by Teresa Liu
Every now and then, I struggle to apply The Four-Way Test over some issues raised by the club and our members, which need an opinion from the club president. Theoretically, The Four-Way-Test has been intended to apply to everything we think, say, or do in the Rotary world. Yet, in reality, practicing it can be a challenge. The first point, “Is it the truth?” can be easy as truth is absolute in most cases. “Is it fair to all concerned?” In society today, what is fair in one case may not be fair in another. What is fair to one member may not be considered fair by another.

Individuals sometimes subconsciously seek to skew matters to achieve an outcome “fair” to them, but not necessarily fair to all concerned. When considering what is fair, I force myself to look deep into my heart and play it out carefully, because there are no absolutes of fairness to all. Then I mull over the third and fourth points, “will it build goodwill and better friendships" or “will it be beneficial to all concerned”. That helps me to get suitable solutions to most situations. For me, fairness is not only an attitude but also a professional skill that I need to keep working on, developing and exercising - huge thanks to Glenferrie Rotarians for your support. We may not share the same philosophies, beliefs, and opinions, but we value our Rotary values and fellowship and continue to do good in Rotary.

Clean Up Australia Day: our Rotary Club clean-up of Patterson Reserve and surrounding streets will be on Sunday, 26 February, at 9.30 am, followed by a BBQ. It’ll be a week earlier than the officially gazetted day. Please save the date. It is possible to sign up under the Rosters tab on the Club website: Click here for direct access to the Clean Up signup list. It would be marvellous to have a good turnout and the BBQ has been a convivial occasion in recent years.
Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Boroondara Farmers’ Market (BFM): 13 March 2023 will be the 20th anniversary of the BFM. The club will have two occasions to celebrate our big achievement for the BFM over the past 20 years. On Tuesday, 14 March, we will invite speakers involved in the early days and possibly someone to represent Education Chances to come to talk at the club meeting. Of course, also there will be a big celebration on the site of BFM at the Patterson Reserve on Saturday, 18 March. Please bring your family and friends along and join us for the occasion.
Club BBQ Night on the Terrace Tuesday, 28 March at KLTC: Annual BBQ on the Terrace at KLTC is a signature night for Glenferrie Rotarians. This year it will be held on Tuesday, 28 March, on the Terrace of KLTC. I want to thank Lynette Spencer, who organises this event every year. She has made it get better and better every year. I am sure our members have been craving the fabulous night with a delicious offering of BBQ delights by the catering crew of KLTC. Please save the date and bring your family along.
Update of RORP from Geoff Widmer and Paul Shekleton: The RORP Cluster will organise three playgrounds to be harvested by the mid-year, (a) Grovedale Park at 29 Grovedale Road Surrey Hills; (b) Mary Mackillop Reserve at 38 Middlesex Road Surrey Hills; (3) Hays Paddock at 25-27 Longstaff Street Kew East. Geoff has made progress in communication with Dominic Mazza at Stonnington. We hope the RORP project will be expanded into the Stonnington Council area.
President Teresa