Posted by Teresa Liu
A Happy New Year to all Glenferrie Rotarians, partners, and friends. I hope you all enjoyed the festive season and had a fun and relaxing time with your families during the Christmas and New Year celebrations.
Like many of you, my fellow Rotarians, New Year has always brought us another chance to set things right and open up a new chapter in our lives; just as it will for the Rotary Club of Glenferrie. What would be a new chapter for Glenferrie in 2023? What will our club achieve in the next six months, and how? The club will hold its first SAG (Strategic Action Group) meeting in 2023 next week and discuss these issues.  
As the club president, my first commitment to the club's achievements in the next six months is to participate and contribute to the Rotary International Convention 2023 and, ensure that the event is successful in cooperation with other Rotary clubs and Rotarians in Victoria. Dear Glenferrie Rotarians, are you ready for the RI Convention 2023?
Recently I had the first visit of my Rotary life to an overseas Rotary club: the Rotary Club of Mito, Japan. RC Mito is the home club of our Rotary Global Grant Scholar Ms. Hikaro Sato, who will start her study at ACU in February this year. Rotary Glenferrie is Hikaro’s host club in Australia. Rotary projects and service allow Rotary clubs and Rotarians to be well connected, and I was fortunate to experience this. My visit to RC Mito was impressive and fascinating as I experienced a formal Rotary meeting and, the different dynamics of a Rotary club based on a different culture. RC Mito requests all members to have 100% attendance. And out of 127 members of RC Mito, there have been only two females in its 72 years history. Ms. Keiko Osaki Tomita, the current president of Tokiwa University Japan, who was an assistant director of the Statistics Division of the United Nations Headquarters, became the first female member of the club two years ago. I hope she will become the first female president at RC Mito one day.
First meeting back in 2023: The club will kick off the New Year with a picnic and BBQ at Yarra Bank Reserve, our Rotary 100 Playground site, on Tuesday, 31 Jan, at 5 pm. BYO snags and steaks to cook on the BBQ, refreshments, and something to sit on. Please come along with your partners and friends.
I want to thank those Glenferrie Rotarians who have already worked on our projects while others are still enjoying the rest of the festive season.
I want to thank David Fallick and Wayne Worladge and their BFM team; Alex Marshall and Geoff Widmer and their RIMERN team; our diligent secretary, PN Peter Moore, Treasure Thelma Hutchison, etc. Thank you for your commitment and contribution to RC Glenferrie during the holiday.