Posted by Teresa Liu
Putting our members first: A couple of weeks ago, District 9800 received the official membership numbers for 2021-2022. For the first time in living memory, the district’s membership on 30 June 2022 was 1,943, falling to below 2,000 members which indicated that the majority of the 67 clubs in the district continue to struggle to attract and retain members: the average size of memberships of Rotary clubs in the district is 29. Rotary Glenferrie is one of the few lucky ones who came out ahead with 55 active members and nine honorary members as of today. Thank you to the membership committee and all club members, for your efforts to get us to this situation.
Rotary is a community service organisation. Yet to serve our communities, we first need to serve our club members. A welcoming, positive, inclusive club culture is fundamental to attracting new and retaining existing members. Similarly, giving our new members' the experiences they, value is equally important. How can you help, my Glenferrie fellow Rotarians?
Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Balwyn for 50 years of serving communities locally and worldwide. I was amazed and amused by Rotary Balwyn’s 50th-anniversary celebration at KLTC last week and the story of its achievements in the past 50 years. Rotary Balwyn is not just about Camberwell Sunday Market and the $20 million raised and donated to various charities, and organisations since its commencement. The club’s spirit, carried on by all Rotarians, and the services delivered to the community and worldwide, make Rotary Balwyn a very successful club. RI President 2022-23 Jennifer Jones sent a congratulatory letter, and Jessie Harman, director of Zone 8 of RI, made a beautiful speech. Rotary Glenferrie will celebrate our 50th birthday soon. Are we ready? 
Board Meeting 6 September was held on Tuesday 6th September. The DG Amanda Wendt Zoomed into the meeting, and AG Anne Frueh revisited our Glenferrie Board meeting. The Board had a positive discussion with Amanda on various issues. She acknowledged what Rotary Glenferrie has achieved and paid tribute to Richard Blakeman, Ian Salek and Cheryl Pisterman for their contributions to the district. 
The 2022 Rotary Zone 8 Conference is a partnership between Rotary and Rotaract within Zone 8. The conference will be held on 28 October 2022 until 30 October 2022 at the National Convention Centre Canberra (NCCC). Tickets can be purchased up until seven days before the commencement of the event. Find more information on the conference website
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