Posted by Mark Howlett

Attached are some super photos of a harvested playground now in use in Railuli East Timor. This particular playground (PG) was not handled by GF rotary but, the outcome of all our PG’s is expected to be much the same, except to different destinations. Associated text could refer to our job/volunteering with these projects incorporating:

  • Liaison with local councils and their selected new PG contractor
  • Photographing of the existing PG
  • Preparation of marked up photos with parts legends
  • Onsite mark-up of all the parts with the legend prior to dismantling
  • Dismantling in coordination with the council contractor
  • Hire of and loading of a large trailer or two
  • Delivery to a holding yard where, after collection of multiple PG’s, a container is loaded and sent to the destination
  • Re-assembly at the destination is handled by local rotary clubs or by other organisations depending on the country etc.

Playground Photos