The Yiyili Aboriginal Community School is a very poor school between Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek in the Kimberley Region in the north of Western Australia. The Yiyili community is based on the Louisa Downs Station. They have 60 students from Kindergarten to Year 10 and six teaching staff including one Indigenous Language teacher. They have an innovative vocational service program where the students are taught to dismantle and re-assemble bicycles. BikeRescue is an award-winning accredited program that uses bike mechanics as a vehicle for outreach, engagement and mentoring.
The company that presents the project, Dismantle Inc. recently won the WA Youth Awards “Youth Organisation of the Year” in recognition of the achievements of their BikeRescue program.
Vocational training is a very important part of the education of these students and this program, which was completed in March 2020, will certainly aid their transition into community life. The tasks undertaken and the dynamic workshop environment provided unique experiences that assist teachers and students to overcome behavioural and emotional challenges that can be presented by at-risk youth. As with most Vocational training programs the skills acquired and the improved attitude to work will be of great benefit to these students. They will also use the skills gained to start a small business enterprise in the repair of broken bicycles in their Community.
Bike Repair Workshop                                                          BikeRescue Program
Our Community Service committee initiated this project and participated in the planning and completion of the project.
(a) Our members liaised with the Principal of Yiyili Aboriginal Community School, Lewis Mulvey, to determine which one of six suggested projects would be most beneficial to their school students and most worthy of our support.
(b) Once the BikeRescue project was selected we again liaised with the Principal to determine which services and equipment would most enhance their project.
Our Club donated $2500 to the project and we applied and were successful in gaining a District Rotary Foundation Local Grant for another $2500.
Two BikeRescue instructors from Perth flew to Broome and then drove 565 km to Yiyili, where they conducted the 4-day program for nine students and one teacher. One teacher was included as a participant in the program to ensure that the project will be sustainable in the future.
BikeRescue Program                                                                 BikeRescue Certificate Presentation
Our Club was delighted to be able to complete our first indigenous project in this very remote part of Australia.
Don Heath
Community Service Director
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