Posted by Robert Hogan


On Tuesday night, the 16th, our guest speaker was Jason Lee from Malvern East Physiotherapy.  Jason is passionate about preventive medicine utilising exercise to improve the health and wellbeing of the ageing population.

Pointing out that 1 in 6 Australians are 65 or older, and that from 65 men can expect to live another 20 years, and women 22.5 years, Jason explained the health problems that come with ageing.

About half of over 65s have chronic conditions including cancer, heart disease diabetes and mental health issues.  Lifestyle factors such as tobacco use, poor diet, overweight and obesity have a negative effect on our health, while activity of both the body and mind is important to maintain our health.

Jason proceeded to give the members and guests a few simple tests of their physical health and fitness.  After 30 seconds of quickly standing up and sitting down on our chairs as many times as possible, he gave the statistics on what the average was for healthy people in several older age groups.  Fortunately, most of us crept into the acceptable range.  Following this he gave us a balance test of standing on one foot for as long as possible.  Personally, I found this difficult due to soft shoes on a soft carpet, regardless of the glass of wine I had just finished.

Jason believes we each need at least 150 minutes of exercise per week, and he thinks proper exercise needs muscles resistance and raised heartbeat. Exercise should include weight bearing, balancing and core and flexibility strengthening.

In conclusion he wants us to keep active in mind and spirit, keep learning, eat healthily and sleep soundly.