Posted by Elizabeth Dumonic
Without warning, the snap lock down may have kept the crowds away from last Saturday's farmers market; however those who came to the Lift The Lid stand opened their hearts and gave generously. 
During this time it is more important than ever to SHOUT OUT LOUD about Mental health, the pain and suffering so many are going through during these times.
We would like  to acknowledge many small businesses who helped sponsor and support this event to raise money for mental health research.
Lets thank all our special sponsors, House of Biskota for baking the cookies, Bake Boss for supplying the edible icing tops, Fully Promoted for printing the polo shirts for our Volunteers, Melno Distributors Pty Ltd for distributing the flyers, Officeworks for printing the banners and lastly our wonderful Victorians who continue to support us at the farmers market and who bought a cookie, as did Isaiah our New Rotarian.