Posted by David Fallick
Last Tuesday night’s guest speaker was Larissa Reinboth, Partnerships Development Manager, Children First Foundation (CFF), who provided a highly professional explanation of the remarkable medical work done by this not-for-profit organisation.
Larissa’s own life journey was revelatory and impressive, starting with a successful career in consulting and sales in such diverse locations as Peru and Germany. However, she had a lifelong interest in volunteering which she had done since she was 17, in such challenging locations as Kenya, Peru, Romania and Bolivia.

Larissa Reinboth from Children
First Foundation (CFF) & 
David Fallick
As if this isn’t enough, Larissa has two Arts degrees and loves to work for and with children. So, joining the CFF was a natural career progression.

With some similarities to ROMAC, CFF locates young people aged under 18, with serious medical conditions which can’t be addressed in their home countries but, can be in Australia.
Once screened, the youngsters, always accompanied by a parent (normally their mother), are flown to Melbourne and stay at a very well-appointed retreat in Kilmore, purpose-built and fitted out by Rotarians. From there, the patient will be taken to the most appropriate hospital for their specialist surgery which is provided pro bono.
During their recovery of up to six months, the patients also benefit from educational and health support from both the qualified staff and volunteers at the retreat. Upon their return to their own country, CFF also arranges for follow-up support.
At the completion of her presentation, during the numerous questions which Larissa very thoroughly answered, it emerged that CFF receives no government support. It's amazing work is totally dependent on donations, which it is Larissa’s role to secure.
It was an inspiring presentation from which we all came away better informed about this worthy cause.