Posted by Geoff Widmer
Jerry Ji who is a year 12 student at Camberwell Grammar studying mathematics and science  in  Year 12, in preparation for a career in medicine and in the space industry. He attended The National Youth Science Forum in January 2022 sponsored by Glenferrie Rotary and spoke to us about his experiences and perspectives of this visit and his future career direction. He thanked Glenferrie Rotary for the opportunity to attend the NYSF.
The NYSF is a 10 day program that gives talented students a broader understanding of the diverse study and career options available in STEM studies.
Chris Raw, Geoff Widmer, Jerry Ji &
Don Heath
Jerri eloquently described his visit to the NYSF and the importance of meeting key industry professionals including a Nobel Laurate, who had taken the time to provide their perspectives and comments about science and achieving potential careers in medicine and engineering. 
He was impressive in his breadth of understanding of the issues derived from his NYSF visit and how it related to his STEM studies, and how it influenced him to strive to do medicine, and then potentially engineering in his quest to have a career in the Space Industry.
In amongst this busy Year 12 studies and attending the NYSF, he operates an on-line service called 3H for assisting primary students in their appreciation of STEM skills. He is a person that does his research, has a solid view on his life’s direction, speaks well about it, and is a person clearly taking  on life with confidence and poise.
We wish him well in his Year 12 studies and realising his future dreams, and thank him for sharing his experiences with us from his visit to NYSF.