Posted by David Fallick
The Boroondara Farmers Market is the club's single biggest commitment, raising substantial funds in support of local and international projects. It is a key factor in determining the club's continued success.
For most of the market's history, it has been a feature of membership of the Rotary Club of Glenferrie that every member is expected to complete at least four rostered duties at the market during the course of the calendar year. (Actually it used to be six until the market was reorganised two years ago!). That process has slipped in recent years, meaning that not every member has had an opportunity to contribute. At a recent Board meeting, the decision was taken to return to the previous practice of assigning duties centrally.
In October every club member will be issued with a Market Preference Nomination form upon which they can nominate their preferred market duties for 2023. Completion of the form is not mandatory. Members who do not nominate a preference will be allocated their four duties by the rosterer when compiling the market rosters for the year ahead. The roster for the full year 2023 will be finalised by the end of November and distributed to members well in advance of the new year.
The success of our club is very closely associated with the success of the Market. Returning to this process, which worked so well in the past, will help ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy a market shift that suits them, while spreading the workload more evenly and ensuring our continued success. The good work being done by Glenferrie Rotarians and friends at the Boroondara Farmers Market is maintaining and growing the bumper harvest through which our club can continue to Do Good in the World. Thank you for your important contribution to its success.