Posted by Mark Howlett
Glenferrie Rotary Club is the Lead on the harvesting of this playground in Richmond.
  1. Activity phases: Mark-up on Wednesday 27th April (only 2 or 3 Rotarians from GR). Dismantle in the morning and then Transport to Kilsyth in the afternoon.
  2. Lead Rotary Club: Glenferrie Rotary – Geoffrey Widmer contact ( 0419310601) and Mark Howlett ( 0418391401) Paul Shekleton ( 0418395345).
  3. Crew Size: We plan to have a crew of 8 working in pairs of 2 and the other 3 Cluster Clubs will nominate an additional 2 persons per Club.
  4. Cluster Clubs Assisting : Canterbury, Hawthorn and Camberwell.
  5. Playground & location: 139 Highett st Richmond ( South West Corner).
  6. Date:  Thursday 28th April circa 9am .
We will have a site meeting at start at 9am to go over the OH&S requirements for the job (see gear next point) and also be aware of equipment working on site.

What to gear bring…..sturdy boots (steel capped have them), Hi Vis vests, gloves, long sleeve shirt and long trousers and  goggles.

Transportation and Drop Off Location:  6 Cloverlea Dr, Kilsyth South. Need 4 people to continue assist in this phase. We will rent the Trailer.