As Rotarians, we know that when we engage people in meaningful, convenient and fun hands-on volunteering, we demonstrate that Rotarians are indeed “People of Action”. In mid-September, this message found an even wider audience when Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network (RIMERN) volunteer, Ros McMaster was announced as the Westfield Local Hero for the Airport West Shopping Centre, winning $20,000 for RIMERN towards the cost of its first van!

Ros, a member of Rotary Prahran, is the Thursday warehouse supervisor, a twice weekly volunteer who has set up the linen and kitchen rooms and manages the warehouse itself. She is there to assist new volunteers find their feet and feel welcome and valued.

Since RIMERN began operations in June 2021, a growing number of non-Rotarians have joined the ranks of RIMERN volunteers, some joining local Clubs due to their interaction with the Rotarian volunteers, hearing why they joined (and stayed), and learning about the opportunity to do good that being part of Rotary can offer!

The new RIMERN audience includes hundreds of community supporters who have been introduced to Rotary on Facebook; case managers from over 20 welfare organisations who can access the donated furniture, appliances and homewares that RIMERN collects, cleans and makes available to people in need: and organisations that help those who need secure homes after periods of housing insecurity.