Posted by John Suriano

NANDO did !!

Many of our older members in the club will remember Nando De Olivero – Rotary Exchange Student from Brazil in 1991.

What a delight it was to catch up with Nando after 34 years.

The club had arranged for Nando to attend Xavier College during his year 11 stay in Australia.

John Suriano & Nando De Olivero 
His exchange parents for that year were:                                                                                                                                                                Xavier College
John $ Robyn Morrison – 3 months
Robert & Lachelle Stewart – 3 months
Walter and Maria Hohlweg – 1 month
John & Heather Suriano – 5 months
Nando is now 50 Y.O.- is married and has a beautiful 16-year-old daughter – they live in Puerto Rico, Brazil. He is a
music promoter bringing musicians from around the world into Brazil.

He had a conference in Brisbane before flying down to Sydney to catch up with my eldest son Phil, and then onto Melbourne to see friends and finally to have dinner with Heather and me.
Nando also asked to be remembered to Ian Dobson and Chris Fillipou
Nando has grown up to be a fine young businessman - we look forward to his next visit to Australia!!
I hope the club will give serious thought to having Exchange students again. They require a little bit of work and organising, but the end result is very satisfying –Think about it!!
John Suriano