Posted by Alex Marshall
Some months ago, the Community Service Group was invited to present a series of cooking classes for clients of the Salvation Army. Helena Wimpole and Geoff Widmer kindly stepped up to the plate and after careful consideration of recipes they conducted their first class on 19th April. It was a resounding success, and the relatively simple meal of rice, chicken and vegetables was met with universal acclaim.  
Volunteer, Helena Wimpole, Volunteer, Geoff Widmer
Volunteer, Norman Gale
I attended the latter half of the second class on 26th April and was impressed by the enthusiasm of both pupils and instructors. Moreover, the mood in the kitchen was relaxed and the chit chat convivial: no Gordon Ramsay type antics! 
I tried a few dishes and had an enjoyable chat whilst consuming a very pleasant pasta dish. As Helena pointed out, the benefit for the clients most probably extends beyond the straightforward exercise of learning to cook.
There will be a further four classes and many thanks to Helena and Geoff for their time and expertise.