Posted by Penny Connolly, Communications manager, Glenferrie Probus Club on Mar 10, 2023
In early 1991, The Probus Club of Glenferrie was formed through the initiative of the Rotary Club of Glenferrie. An advertisement was placed in the local “Progress Press” newspaper, letterbox drops made, and word of mouth messages networked via Bowling Clubs and local groups.
Interested men were invited to attend a meeting at the West Hawthorn Uniting Church, Power Street Hawthorn, on 18th April 1991, to form a new Probus Club. “A Club for Retired Men” (as the advertisement was headed), to be known as “The Probus Club of Glenferrie”.
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A small group of men made the initial response to attend the meeting, and a committee of six was formed to plan and arrange the Club’s formation.
Initially, the new Club received very welcome assistance from the Rotary Club of Glenferrie in the early work of establishing a management team but were soon left to their own devices to establish this new Club.

The Probus Club of Glenferrie has continued strongly since this beginning, and is now an active, friendly group of retired and semi-retired men and women who meet regularly to hear Speakers, and participate in a wide variety of outings, holidays, dine-outs, and special interest groups.
And Another Thing.....
Ed. Note: Glenferrie Probus was formed in 1991 when PP John Suriano was firmly lodged in the chair. John writes:
"David Sutherland and Geoff Hopper (deceased) were responsible for the groundwork for the Glenferrie Probus. They met originally at the Auburn Heights Bowling Club (where we used to meet).  Connie Gregory helped initially in finding a speaker.  I believe the club has 150 members.
Well done to all concerned!
This is an amended story. The original, dated October 11th 2020, was published in The Glenferrie Rotarian