The first chapter of the club's planning process was completed on 9 June with an outstanding presentation by workshop coordinator Warwick Cavell. Warwick, a professional business strategist, MD of Linnergy and current President of the Rotary Club of Central Melbourne, emphasised the benefit of focusing on impact rather than activities in our internal and external communications, and posed three questions for us regarding the future, in preparation for stage 2 of the process - the Planning Workshop on June 23rd via Zoom. The club's SAG (Strategic Action Group), comprising President Thelma, President Elect Mark and President Elect Nominee Teresa has been working with Warwick for some weeks now to set the scene for the plan for the next three years.
Members of the Rotary Club of Glenferrie, with our eye on the future, are asked to give some thought to the answers to these questions in the lead up to Tuesday's workshop on June 23rd.
At the club meeting on June 9th, President Thelma outlined the impressive achievements of the club over the past three years (see below), framed by the guidance provided by our existing Strategic Plan. The consensus was that the priorities identified in the existing plan remain relevant and that, rather than a complete overhaul, our focus this time will be on how to build upon the progress to date.
The meeting also agreed that it makes sense to frame our plans in alignment with the mission defined in the Strategic Plan of Rotary International:
So what are the three strategic questions Warwick posed for us? The first is:

1.       The COVID-19 lockdown period has been a challenge for our club, on many fronts.  What have you learned from this experience that you think we could use to our advantage as we come out of this period and start thinking about the ‘new normal’?

2.       If you had a magic wand, and therefore did not have to be concerned about ‘how’, what would you change about the club?   (When you answer this question only focus on what you would change, not how you would make the change.)

3.       What would you not want to change about the club – what would you like to retain and build on?