Posted by Alex Marshall
At this difficult time during the pandemic, the demand for emergency food relief has increased significantly. In previous years the Community Services group has provided emergency homeless packs but, since the start of the pandemic, these have not been in great demand, as the Government has provided accommodation for the homeless. Norman Gale, Coordinator of Community Services, Salvation army, provided a list of high demand items required such as rice, sugar and tooth-paste.

The members of the Community Services Group, Michael Berry, Simon Messenger, Isaiah Lahai, Geoff Widmer, and Helena Wimpole were each allocated 3-4 items to purchase for donation. We spent more than $900 to buy 22 useful items across a wide spectrum; from Vegemite, honey, coffee, tea to deodorant and soap. Coles Supermarkets were very supportive and provided a total discount of $295.