Posted by Richard Blakeman
By now Glenferrie Rotarians are very familiar with the club's administration and communication application, ClubRunner, but few may be fully aware of just how powerful the ClubRunner app can be. The ClubRunner app on your mobile phone replaces the old, printed Club Handbook, and the District Handbook has gone the way of the dodo as well. From the ClubRunner app you can phone, text or email a club member, or a member of any club in District 9800, and read club stories long before they appear in the Bulletin. That you already know.
But did you know that you can register for (or decline i.e. register an apology for) a club meeting or event directly from your ClubRunner app? No need to wait for Joanne's prompt, or even open up the club website to book. Now you can do it via your ClubRunner app in the blink of an eye. To find out how, click on 'Read more..."