Posted by Mark Ellis AM
I attended the PET training for the new Presidents for 2021-2 at Woodend on last Sunday.  It is so uplifting to sit with like minded people – Rotarians.  Some a bit apprehensive of their upcoming roles.  I did outline that if you are lucky to have a club like mine, where everyone wants to be involved, your job is so much easier.  
As American writer, Margaret Wheatley states “The things we fear most in organizations--fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances--are the primary sources of creativity.”  This past year has had all these elements, yet we are now shining back in face to face meetings.  Now celebrating 100 years last week, we show our resilience to survive and do good in the world.
The week that was and coming up;
Strategic Action Group (SAG) – The SAG group met on Thursday night.  This is formed by the President, P. Elect, P. Nominee and Past President.  The idea is to review the SAG plan you voted upon last year and try and keep to the track. The group is looking into more regular updates and we hope to implement more club forums in the upcoming year to keep members informed.
Toby Lawrence of Arrow Health.  A good turn out to listen to an extraordinary selfless devotion to drug addiction and mental health.  We were all touched.  You don’t have to be a Rotarian to achieve remarkable impact on our society as in Toby’s case, but it helps!
Foundation Rotary 100 Year Project.  To fully engage this project, we have streamlined the activities to 3 major engagements, and volunteers to these sub committees are;
  1. The Opening Ceremony – Richard Blakeman, Thelma Hutchison and Don Heath
  2. The Business Breakfast - Gary Stoneham and Teresa Liu
  3. End Polio Walk – Cheryl Pisterman
We cannot let these volunteers work on their own. We will need hands on and “bums on seats” when the time comes.  Please watch out for news in the coming Bulletins.
Multi-District Conference – Saturday May 1st to Sunday 2nd May
You should have received notification of this conference coming up on Zoom.  However, there is a face to face opportunity to join at Essendon Fields on the Saturday.  There is an opportunity to showcase our activities on that day.
“I would like to ask you to encourage your club members to book for both the Multi District Conference and District 9800’s Breakout & Showcase events.”    Quote from our DG Philip Archer.
Changeover – Mark down the Changeover date June 22nd at Kooyong at the usual 6.30 for 7.00 pm.  Please mark in your diaries.  Invitations out soon.
President Mark