Posted by Mark Ellis AM
This will be the last week of our daylight savings time.  The mornings have been bathed in darkness for me upon awakening every morning and the new day dawns as I go off to work.
So, I expect I will be hearing “Winter is coming” as I will then denote, who was stuck on “Game of Thrones” last winter.  Not having much of a summer, I hope the winter will be not as severe and long as denoted in the series.
As COVID vaccinations are rolling out, we will have more confidence in moving about in our community.  RI President Holger Knaack and the TRF Chair K.R.Ravindran have recently put out statements to support COVID vaccinations, and we as Rotarians can play an important role in encouraging people to have the vaccinations and counteract anti-vaccination sentiment.
Rotary’s involvement with COVID-19 vaccination
A message from Rotary International President Holger Knaack and The Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair K. R. Ravindran
Membership night 
What a great night we had on March 23rd!  Our membership night thanks to the efforts and presentations of Thelma, Ian and the President helped convey a well organised and community minded club.  There were videos on the Rotary Foundation and our club’s activities, which served to lighten the night.  Inducting Simon Messenger on the same night added a touch of glamour also.  Congratulations and thanks Simon for joining us.  It is up to our members to make him feel welcomed and useful.  Thanks to Elizabeth Dumonic as Director of Membership, who managed to bring several interested guests along.  Also, thanks to all other members who answered my request and brought along guests for the night.  Hopefully, we will see the fruit of our labours flourish.
Salvo Bread Run
Having been involved in this worthy project, I note that some people are not bringing garbage bags to hold the bread for transport.  It might be an idea to ensure that one of the two rostered for that night will bring garbage bags.  Please make Chris Raw’s life easier by volunteering in advance.  I note an absence of volunteers in April on clubrunner.
Coming up–
Aussie Quiz Night - Tomorrow night’s entertainment.  In line with the wish for fellowship at our gatherings I have asked Ian to orchestrate a quiz night.  Ian in his debonair style is jumping at the chance to run this quiz, which he did successfully to unfortunately a small audience at the Australia Day Celebrations, in the Glenferrie Rotary tent at Victoria Park.  Peter Moore, our lawyer and secretary, might prove to be popular if you sit on his table.  He kept on answering correctly every question on that day.  Please come with partners and friends to join in this light-hearted entertaining night.  Might test your Australian citizenship worthiness!! 
Board Meeting - Is scheduled for April 6th.  David Fallick is busy inviting impressive speakers, so in May at one of the meetings I will ask most of the Directors to update you on our situation in their areas of focus.  We are just getting back on our feet after the long lockdown.
Please remember to book ahead on Try Bookings.
See you tomorrow night.  
President Mark