Posted by Mark Ellis AM
Theme for this month May – Youth Service
Anyone who cares to listen to my babbling on will be familiar with my words of wisdom “youth is wasted on the youth”- what would I do to go back in time with the wisdom of an elder! We owe it to our youth to assist them to develop good ideals and working principles. Rotary is committed to this ideal.
I want to thank all who attended the Rotary Conference in Albury. For those making the effort to get up to Albury were rewarded with lovely weather and great Fellowship. I particularly enjoyed our lazy breakfasts in the main street of Albury prior to the meetings commencements. The Friday night club dinner arranged by Cheryl was fun and we enjoyed having a club table on the Saturday night, to socialise with our Glenferrie Rotarians. I will definitely be going to future conferences.
It was lovely to see Amelia Anderson a new member making the effort to come. Special mention to Cheryl Pisterman for her Foundation Citation for Meritorious Service and Charles Tran for reaching Major Donor status. Also, thanks to all who spent time trying to sell LTL raffle tickets. Hopefully there is a good turnout for the International Convention next year. There is no conference for next year, the International Convention taking preference.
In your Rotary life as in all aspects of your life, I have found that the more you put into your volunteering, the payment is so much more. So, get on a committee, sign up for the Farmer’s Market and Salvo Bread run as well as, attending as many functions as you can.
We celebrated ANZAC day by having Sue Burgess, The Director of Public Programs for the Shrine of Remembrance, address us on last Tuesday night. The talk was up to the high standard we are accustomed to, thanks to our meeting coordinator David Fallick.
Lift the Lid golf day – This is the next major event for the club. I am told all tickets to play are sold out. It must be a great relief to Elizabeth Dumonic and her task force of Richard Blakeman, Thelma Hutchison, Don Heath, Don Moore and Rob Hogan, that the day can be more of a success with a good turnout. I am certain that we will require volunteers on the day, so please watch out for announcements closer. 
Our club night is to be a BBQ on the day at Kingston Heath and you can book in to not miss being involved. There is a raffle with terrifically sourced prizes by Elizabeth, which will be drawn at the changeover June 14th.
District Assembly – May 28th on Zoom 9.00 AM – 12.00 PM.  This president has had permission from “his boss” to have the telecast at his residence. Suggested that this would be a good morale booster and a way of getting new members to be involved. Please mark in your diaries. Details closer to the event. Please note the change of date since the original date was on election day May 21st.
Changeover Date – Our Changeover is June 14th. Please place this date in your diaries for the big social event on our calendar. The flyer went out last week. I would appreciate people booking in soon and not just a last minute thing.
Camberwell Art Show – This year is to be held at the Advanced Technology Centre of Swinburne University. The RC of Camberwell is proposing a Super Cluster event on Monday June 27th from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm. Entry fee is $15, and wine and cheese are provided. It has been suggested that we could then meet at a local restaurant after. The Board thought that this should be supported instead of our last meeting for this Rotary Year on the 28th of June at Kooyong. More details later.
Our Board meets tomorrow night so I will have more to add next Monday.
“The highest of distinctions is service to others”. King George VI
Enjoy another week of Rotary.
President Mark