We welcomed five new members and one past member returning to the Rotary family at its club meeting on Tuesday June 30th, just in time for the new year. The new Rotarians reflect diverse cultural and vocational backgrounds and life experience that will greatly strengthen the club as it moves forward. So welcome to Rotary you lot! We look forward to many years of friendship through Rotary, working side by side to do good in the world.

Welcome to Rotary!

President Mark Ellis welcomes Josiah Bertoli, Jo, classification: Advertising. Jo brings to the club youth and an understanding of what social media is all about. Welcome Jo. Boy have we got a job for you!
New member Isaiah Lahai with wife Louet. Classification: Social Work. Isaiah and Louet, from Sierra Leone, met in a refugee camp. Their decision to settle in Australia and to join Rotary is our very good fortune.
New member Caroline Larwood brings her Information Technology skills to the club, and her experience with major roads projects in Victoria. Pictured with President Mark and Helena Wimpole, her Rotary mentor.
New members Geoffrey and Kay Widmer have joined as a family membership, bringing to Rotary their experience in business consulting and physiotherapy respectively. Pictured here with President Mark and Rotary mentor Cheryl Pisterman, right, they also bring international perspective. Until recently Spanish speaking Geoffrey was the Colombian Consul in Melbourne. Bienvenido a Rotary!
Jane Gilchrist, right, is no stranger to Rotary but she has been doing other works for the past few years and decided to leave Rotary when her employment took her away from Boroondara. She never stopped volunteering though, and was welcomed back as a full member with much celebration. Welcome home Jane!
"All Good Friends and Jolly Good Company". The club is strengthened by the addition of six talented and committed new members to its ranks, as we embark on a fresh Rotary year with renewed enthusiasm.