Hugh Bucknall of the Rotary Club of Melbourne is the Team Leader for the Australia and New Zealand Rotary 100 Project, which marks the 100th Anniversary of the establishment of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand. Hugh wrote to the club to congratulate the consortium of clubs engaged on the Boroondara project, Glenferrie, Hawthorn, Camberwell and Canterbury, which he described as modelling perfectly the values of the Rotary 100 program, including community partnership, Rotary clubs working collaboratively, long-term sustainable value and the opportunities to promote and grow Rotary. But Hugh also had a personal story about the increasingly significant site of our project, Yarra Bank Reserve.
Says Hugh: "BTW, Yarra Bank Reserve is personal for me. I am an alumnus of West Hawthorn Central School and a (former) child that swam in the Yarra back in the 1950s. And my first marital home was nearby with many romantic evening strolls along the river. YBR is a treasure! Well done"
I asked Hugh to write some words about what Yarra Bank Reserve means to him. Here is what Hugh wrote:
"Take yourself back to the 1950s when Yarra Bend Reserve was an oasis surrounded by a mighty bridge, birds floating amongst the urchins that swam safely and a “major” road that sometimes had lorries and green trams rattling along; exciting adventures for young minds with the freedoms to roam wherever and whenever imagination took hold. Up the hill to West Hawthorn Central School plus the imposing blue stone Christ Church; important symbols of the prevailing values and culture of the times. Later in life, romantic strolls along the river bank admiring the endeavours of rowers and dogs searching for that elusive sniff of delight. And at the centre of it all is Yarra Bank Reserve, a rendezvous point for pals wagging school, families sharing in magical escapades, friends meeting for a joyful picnic or lovers entwined in a delicious tryst. Long may that heritage be maintained!"
Thank you Hugh. You must certainly join us for the Grand Opening!