Posted by Ian Dobson
For the first formal club meeting for 2021 our speaker was Cr. Wes Gault, recently elected Councillor for Glenferrie Ward. Wes started his career as a Civil Engineer and over the last 40 years has been involved in project management of large projects such as hospitals.
He has travelled extensively.  Has had a limited association with Rotary but is aware of what it does in Boroondara.  He congratulated us for our work in the playground replacement program.   He did make it clear that the rocket in Central Gardens is unlikely to be removed given the 8500+ signatories opposing its removal.   
Currently he has joined 10 Council committees. Given the influx of new Councilors there have been a variety of new committees created in Council.  These include Bicycle Use; Heritage, Climate Action, Glenferrie Precinct and more.
Wes joined Council not only to give back to the community but also is very concerned about Climate Change.  He believes that local government can lead by example to create a better environment.  One of his priorities is to create a green trail from Central Gardens, through Grace Park to the Yarra river edge.

Guest Speaker Cr. Wes Gault, Councillor for Glenferrie Ward, City of Boroondara

Cr Wes Gault has already joined ten committees after being elected to represent Glenferrie Ward in the City of Boroondara
Meeting Chairman Ian Dobson thanks Cr Wes Gault for an engaging and informative presentation. Only just elected to Council, Cr. Gault promises to offer a fresh approach to Council. The club was able to show at the meeting how close is the relationship between Rotary and the City of Boroondara