Posted by Helena Wimpole
The Speaker at our Rotary Meeting on the 10th of October was Fiona Redding, whose topic was about finding happiness in life.
Fiona explained that her business, “The Happiness Hunter” arose out of her own personal struggles in life. For the previous ten years Fiona was not in a good space. She had two young children, was divorced, overweight and admitted to drinking too much. She realised that this was not a good way to live and decided to turn her life around. Fiona achieved positive life changes on her own, and then decided to create a business by helping others to change their lives for the better, and to find happiness as a result.

PP Teresa Liu, Fiona Redding & Helena Wimpole
Fiona describes herself as a Mindset mentor and business strategist, and her aim is to help people become happier. She is an author, podcaster and speaker. She has written several books and the one she is promoting is “It is Possible”.
Fiona showed quite a number of slides with written explanations about our human condition, and ways we can help ourselves achieve happiness. Our world can overwhelm us. However, we can help ourselves by enhancing our energy and creating new habits.
This can Include meditation/mindfulness, movement/walking/stretching, sleep, rest/recovery, nutrition, drinking water, planning out of your head and onto paper, and taking the right action, consistently, and at the right time.
Being Happy is living a meaningful, fulfilling and purposeful life. Happiness is to be found in the overcoming of obstacles and challenges in your life, not in the absence of them. Happiness exists only in the present moment. It can only be experienced when you are balanced within yourself and connected with others - mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially.
Meet yourself where you are with Acceptance, Forgiveness and Gratitude.
Fiona has much to say on the topic of happiness and more will be found in her book and podcasts.
Helena Wimpole