Posted by Alex Marshall
I would like to remind all Members that we are having our Clean Up Australia event at 9.30am on 26th February followed by a BBQ and a drink or two. As in previous years we meet at the Rotary container at 9.30am and then set off to collect rubbish from Patterson Reserve, the car-park and surrounding streets. There has, in previous years, been a substantial amount of rubbish collected and the opportunity to socialise afterwards has been most enjoyable.

Please consider signing up in the Rosters tab on the Club website, or click on this link to sign up now. We look forward to seeing as many as possible on the day. 
All those taking part should, at least in theory, register on the Clean Up Australia website. Just click on “join a clean up”, scroll down and enter “3122” in the location tab. Our site, “Patterson Reserve, 484 Auburn Rd, Hawthorn 3122 and surrounding streets” should come up.  Then complete the registration process which, if necessary, can be done by pen and paper on the day.
Alex Marshall
Community Service Director.