Posted by Alex Marshall
During mid 2021 Helena Wimpole and I, representing the Community Service Group, visited Camcare to see if our Club could be of assistance in their various activities. We were pointed towards an old shed, a tree and a pile of rubbish that required removal from the Camcare garden. It is anticipated that a small greenhouse will be installed and some fruit trees planted on the site to be cleared. After several delays and postponements the job was finally done last week.  I can attest that Parkinson’s Law applies to the accumulation of rubbish over time.
Pleasingly, the indefatigable Mark Howlett came prepared with the appropriate tools. He was ably assisted by Jerzy Ordega and to a lesser extent by the writer. Within 3 hours the site was cleared and the shed looked like a ragged flat pack. Nickie Wainwright of the Boroondara Council arranged for the rubbish to be collected from the kerbside, for which we were very grateful as we were spared several trips to the Transfer Station. Once again many thanks to Mark and Jerzy.

Cleaning up rubbish at Camcare

Rubbish before clear up
Mark Howlett disposing of a tree
Mark Howlett & Alex Marshall
working at the site