Posted by Anita Morkans
In the interest of mixing things up a bit and potentially to attract new members to our vibrant Rotary Club, you are encouraged to bring along a guest to any of our Dinner Meetings.
Your guest may not initially have an interest in joining Rotary Glenferrie, but coming to a Dinner Meeting will provide an opportunity to meet new people, have good conversation and hear from a topical speaker.  It may spark a curiosity to learn more about what we do and they may be excited to come along again.
Even if the guest doesn’t eventually become a member of Rotary Glenferrie, they are bound to have had at least one enjoyable evening, as well as contributed something different to the conversation of the night.
Just please book in your guest via the link on the front page of our website.
All Members who bring along a guest will be entered into a raffle to be drawn at the last Club Dinner in June 2024.  The prize, while currently remains a mystery, will be delightful.