Posted by Alex Marshall
An excellent project has presented to the Community Service Group and the views of our members would be much appreciated. Camcare in Camberwell provides a range of services including food relief, counselling, family support services and in the past we have participated in various projects with them. They need help to collect 1 - 2 carloads of donated fresh food and bread from Woolworths at the corner of Warrigal and High Street Roads, Ashwood. The supermarket is right on the boundary between the Boroondara and Monash City Councils. 
The food would need to be collected between 7.30 and 8.00 am every Thursday. It is then attractively displayed, together with other donated food (see photo) ready for distribution to people requiring food relief. The Community Service Group has provided this service during October, and we believe that it is a worthwhile project as the quality and quantity of the food is generally excellent.
However, the Club is busy with other activities such as the Farmers Market, the Bread Run and RIMERN. The Community Service Group has not committed the Club to continuing this service unless the Members believe it is worth supporting.
I would very much welcome your comments. Furthermore, this matter will be discussed at the Board Meeting on 2nd November; so any thoughts that you might have been warmly invited.Alex MarshallCommunity Service Director