The Pulim Win Project: Breathing Life Into Newborns
Oct 11, 2022 6:30 PM
Rennie & Robyn Schmid
The Pulim Win Project: Breathing Life Into Newborns

It is a joint Rotary partnership with the Australian College of Neonatal Nurses. Rennie is a member of the Lower Blue Mountains Rotary Club and his wife Robyn is Head of the Neonatal section at Westmead Hospital in Western Sydney. 

Nurses from Westmead Hospital have been going to PNG at their own expense to train locals in the villages on how to resuscitate newborns.  Most babies are born in villages where there is little medical staff and many babies do not survive. PNG have highest rate of infant mortality in the world.

Due to COVID in the last couple of years, the nurses from Australia have not been able to return to PNG.  Rennie and Robyn plan to apply for District Grants and maybe Foundation Grants this FY with the view to returning to PNG in September next year.

Robyn and Rennie will speak about this incredible work they have been doing helping to save the lives of newborns.

As they live in NSW the presentation will be via zoom.

The zoom presentation is planned to start at 7:30pm – the link is below.